vivek bansal

Transformation Coach

Get clarity and right tools to act on that.

I am a Transformation Coach and believe in transforming all the layers of your Personality – Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual.

My passion in life is to empower people by bringing clarity and self-awareness.

I have been just a catalyst for change in people’s lives by providing coaching and courses for total health – intra and interpersonal – by mindfulness and relationship courses.

We Can Help You With...



Clarity is all about helping you deeply understand yourself, your dreams, and the world.

With Wellness Courses, you will have better clarity to make choices from unlimited possibilities.



Self awareness is the foundation of personal growth and success.

Wellness Courses will help you to have more awareness to have accurate perception of your emotional state in each moment and ability to have better relationships.



Bliss is long term fulfilment that all of us are in search of. It can be a part of our daily lives if we open our receiving.

Magical healing through Access Bars will release all the stuck up energy and will open your receiving for more joy and mindfulness.

If you want to upgrade your relationships by connecting 

with yourself and others at deeper level.

Join Our Online Course On

Identify Your Personality

Understand your personality and of others. 

Understand the secrets of behaviour pattern. 

Deal with others by understanding their emotional needs.

My happy Clients!

Vivek not only has a great personality but also a very involved, engaging and interactive way of delivering information, no matter what topic he is covering.

He is very knowledgeable and informed and has a very joyful and radiant presence, as well.
Testimonial Vivek is Great Teacher
Ksenia V
Yoga & Meditation Teacher Habitat Yoga and Nutrition, LA, USA
Healer, USA
There was a connection and trust built from the very first class, that was carried all the way thru the course.

Vivek is the person who is out there for you in and outside the classroom, always ready to listen and hear you out.
Vivek is amazing wellness coach and teacher
Ieva Vaisvilas
Entrepreneur, Lithuania