Clarity Coach

I Identify The Most Efficient Ways To Grow A Person.

One-on-one online sessions with

- Vivek Bansal

Clarity Coach

I Identify The Most Efficient Ways To Grow A Person.

One-on-one online
coaching sessions with

- Vivek Bansal

Clarity Coach

I Identify The Most Efficient Ways To Grow A Person.

One-on-one online
coaching sessions with

- Vivek Bansal

I assist individuals to get Clarity in Life.

When your intellect is clouded by emotions and you are unable to think clearly, you will need a life coach and more specifically a clarity coach, I can assist you to get your clarity back, so that you can walk on your path with full light and confidence. 

I have been a catalyst for change in people’s lives for complete growth by providing clarity for your personal self, profession and relationships by essential life skills along with spiritual perspective of yoga and mindfulness in Rishikesh.

Wondering how Clarity Coaching fits for you?
Have a look at these questions....

Are you aware of your emotional needs?

Are you aware of your useless mental battles?

Do you communicate assertively and have a high level of self-worth?

Do you have mindfulness tools to deal with panic attacks and anxieties?

When you experience vulnerable emotions, do you process them in helpful ways?

Do you able to clear the emotional clouds and face the outer world with confidence and clarity? 

If you answered NO
to any of above questions.

Let's change it to

An enthusiastic Yes.

I am here to assist you feel
mindful, clear, positive and calm.


Book a session.

When you click the sign-up button below, you’ll see my calendar where you can book a session. After you’ve chosen a time and completed payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email from me. 


Supportive space to share.

We’ll meet on zoom for your session. I’ll provide a supportive space so you can share your challenges – big or small! 


Delivering the Strategy

We’ll talk about strategies you can use and create realistic goals so you can take meaningful action. And, I’ll be there to cheer you on and help you stay accountable! 


Start working on yourself

Don’t stop now! By the end of our session together, you’ll have a tool-kit of effective strategies tailored to your specific challenges, mindfulness techniques to help you feel calm, and clear goals to continue focusing on. 

My Happy Clients!

Ankita Gupta
Doha, Qatar.
“What I learned from my classes with Vivek is still sinking in, weeks after our training together and there’s no price you can put on that. I feel so grateful that there are people in the world wanting to inspire the masses and share everything they know and can. I am so fortunate that I learned from Vivek and hope to cross paths again soon. Thank you so much for your wisdom and dedication to your students and friends.”​
Grow with vivek testimonial
Tara Barchalk
Owner, Terra Flow Yoga.​
“The depth of tradition with the breadth of relevance” – Vivek epitomizes this epithet. Because of his sincere and authentic grounding in the ancient Yoga tradition, coupled with his drive to be an instrument of relentless service to humanity, he has the unique ability to connect with one and all, bringing relevance of ancient wisdom to their daily lives – encouraging, enlivening and enriching them. I can say for sure, anyone who comes in contact with him, will get benefited and will be uplifted with a new sense of meaning and purpose in life.”
Grow With Vivek Testimonial
Dr. Himanshu Asnani
Stanford University

Session duration - 60 minutes
Cost per session - INR 1500/-


Deecon Valley, 303/1, Badrinath Road, Near Balak Nath Mandir, Tapovan, Rishikesh.

Tehri Garhwal, Pin – 249192

Phone – +919930141811

email. – [email protected]