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Meditation Bliss by Transitioning from Passive to Active

Many people don’t know, how by meditation, one can achieve something which we all are aspiring. We all are looking for peace, happiness and bliss in life. But most of us are unable to get these basic things in life due to lack of knowledge and skills.  By learning right techniques from authorised teachers, we can bring major shifts in our life and achieve real happiness. Here in this article, we are sharing with you some very basic simple and yet very powerful insights for achieving real happiness and peace in your life by meditation.  

Active Meditation

It is done, while performing one’s daily duties, 

When one walks, talks, eats etc…

This is the goal of yoga – being in meditation even while doing worldly activities.  While doing active meditation, one performs activities with more enthusiasm, more efficiency and energy. 

One can go deeper into active meditation by first performing passive meditation techniques and learning the art of Karma of Yoga (Yoga of Action). 

Passive Meditation 

It is performed by sitting in one pose and performing meditational practices. 

The goals of passive meditation are

To still the ever restless and wandering mind

To make mind one pointed, so that meditational experience will automatically follow. 

Stages during passive meditation 

  1. Making the mind introvert by fixing the mind on an object, sound, the breath, a picture etc…
  2. Probing the deeper layers of mind to remove undesirable impressions. By successful practice of stage 1, one eventually experiences the free flow of thoughts, visions, memories etc. 
  3. After probing into deeper layers of mind, exploring into the superconscious realms begin. Now real meditation begins. At this stage, we are start experiencing  within us limitless wisdom and energy spontaneously. Now one can connect with the universe and people and things around oneself more deeply. 
  4. By gradual evolution of above three stages, one is able to transcend the mind and meditator can connect with Absolute Truth which leads to realisation of Self and Supreme both eventually. 

Successful passive meditation will eventually lead to active meditation. One can live a life of meditation even while performing worldly duties. Ones’ mind become more powerful. One’s life, work, play, etc., becomes more powerful and one is able to accomplish things that were impossible before. 

Mindfulness Meditation

In present society, most of us live an almost totally extroverted life through ignorance. We are unaware about the ocean of bliss that is available in the inner depths of our being. Through mindfulness meditation, we can take our awareness away from the external entanglements even for a short time and direct it inwards. The aim of mindfulness is to give a glimpse of the inner blissful life and gradually connect this inner blissful life with outer extrovert life. This connection has been always existing, but unfortunately we are unaware of this blissful life. Mindfulness meditation make us conscious about this connection of reality and this awareness eventually leads us to real happiness, peace and bliss. 


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