Clarity Coaching 1:1 Sessions


Each clarity coaching 1 : 1 session is 60 minutes long and will be conducted on Google Meet platform.


The fee for each session is INR 1500/-

If a session needs to be cancelled or rescheduled, the Client must provide at least 12 hours notice or the full fee of the session will still apply (unless unusual and unforeseen circumstances occur).

Google Meet

As this technology has the potential to be unpredictable at times, Clients can rest assured that if the session cuts out at any time, remaining time in the session will be made up on another date. An email will be sent to the Client by Vivek Bansal as soon as possible to discuss when the additional time can be made up. 


The services provided by Vivek Bansal are via Google meet.

Coaching Sessions are designed to help Clients access a confidential space to share their challenges and ideas. As a coach, Vivek Bansal will offer guidance and support and ask questions, to assist Clients. Questions are encouraged during the sessions. 


All information about the Client and their sessions will remain strictly confidential except in very rare circumstances where decreed by law, ie where the court might issue a subpoena for the file or information. Further exceptions to confidentiality include circumstances where there is clear and imminent danger to the client or others. Otherwise, all information is confidential.

Please note that there is some privacy risk in using technology, including internet and phones. Vivek Bansal will assume that it is appropriate to use technology to conduct sessions (including zoom), unless explicitly stated otherwise by the Client.

No Warranties Provided

Vivek Bansal provides no guarantee that the sessions will provide particular results. It is kindly requested that if the Client wishes to achieve certain goals, the Client will vocalize them with Vivek Bansal so they can be discussed.

Intellectual Property Rights

The Client will be provided materials (eg emails) for personal use only. Clients understand that these materials are not to be reproduced, copied or supplied to others unless written consent from Vivek Bansal is given.

Coaching Disclaimer

The Client understands that the coaching services they will be receiving from Vivek Bansal are not offered as a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions. The Client also understands that Vivek Bansal is not acting as a medical professional.

For legal purposes, the Client understands that coaching is currently an unregulated industry and that Vivek Bansal is not “licensed “ by any Indian body even though the sessions may take place in India.

The Client understands and agrees that they are fully responsible for their wellbeing during coaching sessions, and subsequently, including their choices and decisions.

The Client understands that coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychiatry or substance abuse treatment, and will not use it in place of any form of therapy.

The Client understands that all comments and ideas offered by Vivek Bansal are solely for the purpose of aiding the Client in achieving the defined goals. The Client has the ability to give their informed consent, and hereby give such consent to Vivek Bansal to assist in achieving such goals and understand that results are not guaranteed.

The Client hereby releases, waives, acquits and forever discharges Vivek Bansal, any agents, successors, assigns, personal representatives, executors, heirs and employees from every claim, suit action, demand or right to compensation for damages the Client may claim to have or that the Client may have arising out of acts or omissions by themselves or by Vivek Bansal as a result of the advice given by Vivek Bansal or otherwise resulting from the coaching relationship contemplated by this agreement. 

The Client further declares and represent that no promise, inducement or agreement not expressed in this agreement has been made to the Client to sign this agreement. This agreement shall bind my heirs, executors, personal representatives, successors, assigns, and agents.

Last update: 22nd July 2023


Session duration - 60 minutes
Cost per session - INR 1500/-

So if you agree to above Terms and Conditions, 

Please pay online via UPI

Share your details to me along with your preferred date and time for the session

[email protected]

I will co-ordinate with you for mutual convenient date and time. 

Pay to Clarity Coach Vivek Bansal